Why Do You Need A Certified Grant Writer?

Like any ‘industry,’ there is language/verbiage that you must understand.  In the case of Grants, it is necessary to decipher the initial eligibility requirements and whether you should move forward, or not.   Certainly, you can attempt to figure it out on your own, but that causes frustration and anxiety, and I am confident that you will waste precious time and quickly give up.

What Is The Quick & Easy Solution To Find Out If You Qualify for Grants?

Schedule an Introductory Call (In Person or Virtually) with Diane to clarify the problem you are passionate about solving, define who you are solving this for, and determine why it is important that the problem is even solved.  

No matter how clever, eloquent, and persuasive any Grant Writer may be–if you are addressing a problem that NO FUNDERS care about solving—then you will NEVER receive any Grants.

Together, through the Introductory Call, we will establish the profile of the ‘target funder.’ Within 7 Days of the Introductory Call, Diane will conduct 5 HOURS of Complimentary Research to determine the availability of grants and present her findings, to you.  Then YOU will decide if it makes sense to move forward, based on her feedback.  Diane absorbs all the risk, up front!  You have nothing to lose! 

Why Does Diane Invest Her Time Up-Front?

Simple.  Because it is the right thing to do.  It is against her core values to charge someone to find out if she can be of assistance, or not!  


What Is The Next Step?

Based on the number of Grants which you initially qualify for, a determination will be made if it is worthwhile to create a ‘grant strategy’ and move forward.