Meet Diane Wingerter, Certified Grant Writer

What Is A Grant?

Simply stated, Grants are funds offered to Non-Profits, For-Profits, Researchers, Institutions of Higher Education, Students, or to Individuals for a specific purpose and to create a specific outcome! Grants can also be offered in the form of In-Kind Donations, Scholarships, or Fellowships.  The key to receiving Grant Funding is to be in alignment with the Funder.  While that does seem obvious enough, few ‘grant writers’ take the time to intentionally research the Funders and discover what they are deeply passionate about.

When YOUR Vision & Mission are in alignment with the entity, organization, foundation, or individuals who are offering the Funding, then GOODNESS is bound to happen!

What Is The Vision of Grant Writing For Goodness?

Those offering the Funding are providing the funds out of the GOODNESS of their heart.  Those receiving the funding are passionate about Humanitarian Causes and/or protecting Mother Earth, again values which stem from a place of GOODNESS.  Therefore, the Vision of Grant Writing For Goodness™ is “To Align Causes with Funders–so Awards are Secured.”

Why Do You Want A Grant?

When the ‘Award Amount’ is utilized for the outcomes, specified by the Funder, in the timeline, specified by the Funder; then YOU, the one receiving the Funds, DO NOT have to pay the monies back.  Therefore, it seems clear to say, that Grants are a blessing to those who receive them!  

How Many Grants Are There?

Throughout the United States, there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Grants available to those who know where to find them.  The broad sectors include Non-Profits, For Profits, Institutions of Higher Education, Researchers & Students.  The list of sub-categories within each sector is extensive. To the novice, the sheer number of Grants to research is overwhelming.  

Diane Wingerter, Certified Grant Writer,
Grant Writing For Goodness™

Over 20-years of Entrepreneurial experience combined with 16-years of Corporate-Retail experience, equips Diane Wingerter, Certified Grant Writer, with complete comprehension of the processes and procedures required to successfully operate and promote any business. “One can offer the best product, service, and intention; but without the proper messaging to attract customers, drive revenue, generate cash flow, or receive donations and funding, the business will never flourish, nor survive.”

As a young girl, Diane dreamt of ‘someday’ owning a chain of Retail Clothing Stores. While earning her Fashion Merchandising Degree, she began the retail grind with Paul Harris Stores. Due to hard work, sacrifice, determination and dedication to her career, she advanced through seven promotions during a 12-year career with Paul Harris Stores.  She was recruited by Just Sweats to create structure and operational standards for the organization. Diane served as Vice President of Personnel, Operations & Franchise Development, as she grew them to a 22-store chain, in under 2 years. Subsequently, G.H. Bass and Co. became aware of Diane’s talents and she was offered the position of Midwest Regional Recruiting and Training Manager, with hiring and training responsibilities for a 56-store region.

Deciding that she had ‘paid her dues’ in the Corporate sector, Diane launched her own chain of stores.   In 1997, Stepping Out USA was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew to 17 locations in 5 states over 8-years. “Because my target market was focused on females ages 21-35, I orchestrated numerous local fashion shows and on-site events to create awareness for our product-lines and to promote the stores.”    

Moving forward from the Retail Industry, Diane launched Just Women Magazine, a publication dedicated to being a voice for Women in Columbus Ohio.  The publication focused on Health, Beauty & Wellness, Business and Lifestyle.  Here, she perfected her writing style and ability to tell others’ stories—by coupling their purpose and their why– to engage the readers.  Diane consistently wrote 85% of the content within the 48-page, monthly publication.  She proudly wrote articles and donated Ad space in Just Women to support the vision and mission of 14 non-profits through promoting their Galas, Walks, Runs, and Fundraising Campaigns.

Currently operating as Totally Exposed, LLC., the company encompasses three brands.  Diane is recognized within the community as The Tradeshow Doctor™, The Career Strategist™ and Grant Writing For Goodness™. “I have learned to appreciate the tremendous value of face-to-face relationships and the power of building connections through events & speaking engagements.” Diane Wingerter understands the core business strategies required to obtain market share. “Creative strategies, proven tactics, focused messaging, and profitability are keys to business success.  Every day, I am fortunate to meet business owners and collaborate with them regarding their vision and mission, then ultimately propel them towards their goals and dreams–both personally and professionally. It is an honor to work with individuals whom I know, respect, admire and trust!”

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