What People Say About Diane…

You have become the lifeblood of our organization and accomplishing work that we have been attempting for years.  Thank-you for your hard work and all that you do!

Janice B. / Maine

We cannot thank you enough for your diligence and research finding us grants!  We were told by other Grant Writers that nothing was available for us…you are amazing!

Cheaster L. / Michigan

Your commitment to our non-profit has been beyond our expectations!  We are very  thankful that we were introduced to you!

Eleanor S. / California

You are amazing and you are a blessing from God.  What you have accomplished through your Grant Writing services has changed our lives and the lives of the families we serve.  Thank-you so much!!!

Vicki D. / Ohio

Thank-you for your servant heart and willingness to help artists with grant funding.  You are amazing!

Dan S. / North Carolina

I appreciate your willingness to help me get a grant. The money came through at just the right time! 

Sandra P. / Indiana

You are one of a few amazing people that are overachievers.  You seem to be everywhere and do many things to perfection.

Sam W. / Ohio

The $3,000 grant I received in December made a world of difference to my family. Thank-you so much Diane!

Greg R. / Missouri

What a difference $1,500 made to my otherwise dismal holiday season.  You are an angel.

Rory J. / Texas

Thank-you for your time today, your information was helpful, and the $2,000 grant was a huge blessing.

David B. / Georgia

God bless you for your heart of love and for all the important work you are always doing.

Jennifer M. / Ohio

Keep up the great work that you do.  So many people are positively impacted by your hard work, talents, and passions.  Thanks again for everything you do for others.

Adele B. / Ohio