Grants For Individuals

There is a Glimmer of Hope for those INDIVIDUALS (residing in the U.S.) in the Arts/Performing Arts/Entertainment Sectors.  The article in the 2020 December 4th issue of Columbus Business First entitled, “The Final Curtain Call?” was an attention getter!  The quotes from Jami Goldstein with the GCAC indicate how severe the situation is–“The folks who depend on art and culture for their paychecks are in a very bad place right now. There will be artists that don’t survive, become bankrupt, become homeless.”

Most people are aware that Grants exist for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Organizations, Faith-Based Programs, Institutions of Higher Education, Research, Scientists & Students–BUT Due to COVID-19, the general population has no idea that grants are available for INDIVIDUALS in specific industries, most affected by the Pandemic, nor do they know where to find, or how to apply for the Grants!   

Individuals in any of the sectors listed below–who have lost their position or lost significant wages–may be eligible for a Grant. (There are stipulations and qualifications, for each Grant, of course!) 

There is an amazing amount of support being offered via the Grants, but there is no way to predetermine how long the Grant Funding will be available!  The Grant Award Amounts vary by Grant.  On average, the Award Amount for Individuals is falling anywhere between $500 to $5,000 per Grant.  Determining if an individual does indeed qualify, if Grant Applications are still being accepted, and if funding is still available are the specifics Diane determines right out of the gate. 

How do you find out if you qualify?  

Step 1:  Schedule an Introductory Call, via phone or virtually, with Diane

Step 2:  Diane will do the research and determine which Grant(s) you ‘qualify’ for–this Step is a complimentary service.  

Step 3:  Diane will report back to the potential Grant Recipient. If the Individual does indeed qualify for a Grant or Multiple Grants, they can decide if they would like to move forward with submission of the Grant application(s).   


What is the Guarantee?

Diane cannot GUARANTEE that a Grant will be awarded.  It is worth pursuing for those who desperately need some assistance! 


  • Military Veterans (Lost Income)
  • Military Veterans (People of Color, Women, LGBTQ)
  • Military Veterans with Disabilities (Lost Employment, Includes those self-employed)
  • Potential Homeowners (Grants up to $48,000 for HomeBuyers)
  • Dental Professionals
  • Teachers (Grants for Classroom Supplies)
  • Bartenders 
  • Hospitality/Food Service
  • Food/Beverage Preparation/Service Industry
  • Service Workers/Tipped Workers/Salons/Restaurants/Delivery Apps
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Authors, Playwrights, Composers
  • Artists (Minorities Only)
  • Entertainment (Those who have been Hospitalized due to Covid-19)
  • Illustrators/Authors/Publishing
  • Journalists (Freelance)
  • Performing Arts/Entertainment Professionals
  • Jazz & Blues Performers
  • Theatre Industry Workers
  • Beauty Professionals